A while ago, I wrote a short article for Keyframe and introduced seven unsung Iranian films made after 2000. I firmly believe that new Iranian cinema has a lot to say and there are a number of very talented filmmakers working in Iran these days (in that list I introduced 18 movies and wrote a little bit more about seven of them), making personal films or films different from what is usually asscociated with Iranian cinema and it is up to film festivals and distributors and of course film critics to help them be seen widely around the world. I am very happy now that in Berlinale you can watch four great examples of new Iranian cinema. In my recent article for Keyframe I have introduced these four film, so If you are in Berlinale this year, go and watch them, you won’t be disappointed by new Iranian cinema.

The article starts like this:

It’s a good year for Iranian cinema at the Berlinale: not only are four films in different sections of the program, but these four films also illustrate the varieties of Iranian cinema, and how a new generation of Iranian directors deal with different social or historical subjects. Of these four films, Valderama by Abbas Amini is a directorial debut, Starless Dreams by Mehrdad OSkouei is a documentary, Lantouri by Reza Dormishian is an aggressive film about a handful of hot social issues and A Dragon Arrives! by Mani Haghighi is a fiction film unlike any other Iranian film you have ever seen.

You can read the article in full HERE.

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