In “Iran’s Film Industry Hopes Nuclear Deal Will Help Open Up Biz Internationally”, an article by Variety’s Nick Vivarelli, different aspects of the pros and cons of Nuclear Deal for Iranian cinema is discussed. I am happy to be quoted alongside a number of other Iranian cineastes including Shahram Mokri, Reza Dormishian, Barry Navidi, Amir Rezazadeh, Mohammad Attebbai and Amir Esfandiari. The srticle opens:

Will the Iran nuclear deal energize the country’s filmmakers and open up the Iranian film industry internationally?

Now that the landmark accord between Iran and the U.S., Britain, France, Germany, China and Russia has been officially adopted, it’s likely that economic sanctions against Iran will be lifted. That may even open roads for foreign film companies, including the Hollywood studios, into a country where more than half of the 81 million citizens are under 30.

For the U.S. film industry, it was never illegal for an Iranian national to acquire an American movie and show it, but U.S. distributors nevertheless have been subject to restrictions on doing business in the Middle Eastern nation.

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