10 Essential Abbas Kiarostami Films

Abbas Kiarostami is a familiar name to many people around the world. Since countless internet sites about him exist. He is considered by many as one of the best filmmakers of cinema. The filmmaker is a source of pride, because through his films, Kiarostami manages to present a new, refreshing image of Iran, a poetic...

عباس کیارستمی

بازی تقلید – «کپی برابر اصل» و «مثل یک عاشق» و عباس کیارستمی

 آشکار است که دو فیلم بلندی که عباس کیارستمی بطور کامل خارج از ایران ساخته درباره عشق هستند اما یک نکته مشترک در نام دو فیلم هست که بیش از تم مشترک عشق، دو فیلم را به هم نزدیک می‌کند؛ «کپی» در عنوان فیلم اول و «مثل» در عنوان فیلم دوم. دو کلمه‌ای که توصیف‌گر...

Abbas Kiarostami as a Child – photo

Acclaimed Iranian auteur, Abbas Kiarostami is preparing to make “Horizontal Process” right now based on a script he wrote with Jean-Claude Carrière, the movie will be shot outside Iran like his last two films. His last movies was “Like Someone in Love”. Above you see an undated photo of him in his very young age.